Are you ready to get to know yourself a little better?
We will explain all the steps you need to take to ensure that your DNA analysis
can be carried out effectively.


Remember to avoid smoking, eating, chewing gum,
drinking or brushing your teeth for at least 30 minutes before taking the sample,
as these actions can affect the quality of the sample.


Make sure you have created your user at This step is very important as you will receive your report in your client area.


Enter the codes to

activate your kit.


Put on the gloves, in order not to contaminate the sample. You will find these
in the box in compartment 2.


Saliva collector

Open the collector carefully and place the funnel. Deposit your saliva in the tube until the saliva (not the bubbles) reaches the 4ml mark.


Buccal swab

Holding the device by its cap, place the swab inside the mouth, above the tongue. Close the mouth and keep the swab in position for at least 15 seconds in order to wet the swab with saliva. Move the swab between cheek and gums. Helping yourself with your other hand, press down lightly on the cheek and rub the swab forcefully back and forth 15-20 times on each side.


Saliva collector

Be sure to close the sample tube tightly, and shake the tube to mix your saliva with the stabilising fluid.


Buccal swab

Insert the cap with the swab inside the test tube and close the swab firmly until you hear a “CLICK” and make sure it is well closed, otherwise the active drying system will not activate and the sample will degrade. THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL.


UPS Shipping

Place the tube with your DNA sample inside the small box it came in. Put the collector box inside the shipping bag and take it to a UPS office.


GLS or Nacex Shipping

We will send you the instructions by email.

For more information, please check the manufacturer’s instructions that are enclosed on a separate piece of paper.

Find the nearest UPS office at:


Once we receive the kit in our laboratory we will analyse it and send you your results.

Your results will be available in a maximum period of 3 to 5 weeks from the reception of the sample in our laboratories. Once available we will inform you via e-mail and you will be able to access your results in your Private Area.